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Global Professionals – Educationalist Awards & Honors Convocation

Saint Martin’s Centre for Research & Accreditation Commission (SMCRAC) will be celebrated on every year at Australia / United States of America / India. The Awards will be present to the Winners by the Board of Directors of SMCRAC Australia / United States of America / Indian Chapter.

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Other Information:

Nature of the Activity Numbers Points Total
Teaching Experience (in Years) 10
Full Time Research Experience (in Years) 20
Industrial Experience (in Years) 10
No. of Ph.D Scholars Awarded 25
No of Ph.D Scholars Doing 15
Patents (in Numbers) 50
Research Grants (in Numbers) 25
Research Projects (in Numbers) 25
SCI Journal Publications (in Numbers) 30
Scopus Journal Publications (in Numbers) 20
Other Journal Publications (in Numbers) 10
International Conference Publications (in Numbers) 20
National Conference Publications (in Numbers) 10
International Conference Presentations (in Numbers) 20
National Conference Presentations (in Numbers) 10
International Books Publications (in Numbers) 20
National Books Publications (in Numbers) 10
Chapters Publications (in Numbers) 20
International Training Programs Attended (in Numbers) 20
National Training Programs Attended (in Numbers) 10
Resource Talk (in Numbers) 25
International Awards Received (in Numbers) 30
National Awards Received (in Numbers) 15
Editorial Appointments in International Journals (in Numbers) 20
Editorial Appointments in National Journals (in Numbers) 10
No. of MOU Signed 50
No. of Conference / Symposium / Training Programs Organized 25
No. of Participation in NSS / NCC / YRC/ CCC / Others 10
No. of Professional Societies Membership 5
Grand Total

Declaration: I certify that the above mentioned information is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and trust. At any time I am found to have concealed / distorted any material information, my application shall be liable to be instantly terminated without notice / compensation.

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